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Saga unveils new ship captains as cruises prepare to return

Saga unveils new ship captains as cruises prepare to return

Saga Cruises is welcoming two new captains to operate sister ships Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure as they return to the waves this summer.

There will also be a familiar face who will be returning to take the brand-new Spirit of Adventure on her inaugural cruise.

Darin Bowland and Jason Ikiadis will join Kim Tanner as the Captains of Saga’s cruise ships.

Captain Bowland will take the helm of Spirit of Discovery on June 27th as she heads off around the British Isles, and captain Tanner will take Spirit of Adventure on her inaugural 15-night cruise around the British Isles on July 26th.

Captain Darin Bowland has previously held positions with Royal Caribbean and Carnival Corporation (Holland America), after starting his career as a cadet with the Royal Canadian Navy in 1985.


On joining Saga Cruises, he said: “When I first joined the cruise industry the business was all about the guests.

“After many years driving larger ships with 3000+ passengers, I am really looking forward to getting to know our guests and crew.

“Also, I love exploring, and I can’t wait to show our guests the many fantastic destinations that Saga offers.”

Captain Jason Ikiadis comes from a long line of seafarers, including his own father who was a ship’s captain, and his paternal grandfather who was in the Royal Navy.

“Following in their footsteps was inevitable” he said.

Captain Ikiadis first went to sea in 1984, and has held many positions since, working up the ranks to Captain for cruise lines such as Azamara and TUI.

Regular Saga Cruisers will also recognise Captain Kim Tanner who has been with the cruise line for five years and is popular with guests and crew alike.

Captain Tanner said: “I’m so looking forward to getting out to sea on our ships again.

“Although we successfully delivered Spirit of Adventure last year she still hasn’t had any of our guests onboard and I really can’t wait to show everyone how beautiful she is.”