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Sabre Red App launched by Kuoni India

Sabre Red App launched by Kuoni India

Abacus International has announced the launch of its first customised app - Sabre Red App - for its next generation point-of-sale solution, Abacus WorkSpace.

Jointly developed by Abacus, Kuoni India, Excellent Management Limited (XML) Hong Kong and Sabre, the new customer profile app will run on all Abacus WorkSpace terminals at Kuoni India locations.

Similar to the concept of mobile phone apps such as those by Apple and Android, authorised third party developers will have access to a Sabre Red Apps Developer Toolkit to help build travel agency applications that can seamlessly run on Abacus WorkSpace.

Abacus, together with Kuoni India, XML and Sabre, views the collaboration as a great success and milestone in technology advancement for the travel industry in Asia.

“Sabre Red Apps is a first of its kind for the travel agency point-of-sale and will redefine the way travel players manage their customers,” said Brett Henry, vice president marketing, Abacus International.

“In today’s aggressive travel market, agents need to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. Customised Sabre Red Apps can help current users of Abacus WorkSpace increase productivity and service clients more efficiently.”

Travel agents can also get into the game, as evidenced in this collaborative development in the app space.

They can develop private apps for their agency network. Highly integrated applications including corporate travel capability linking to mid- and back-office operations are new opportunities through Sabre Red Apps.

By using Sabre Red Apps for Abacus WorkSpace, travel agents will be able to utilise different applications to meet their customer needs.

Apps can range from quality control tools to travel management tools such as customer profile and policy management, agency wholesaler content integration or a customised travel desktop.