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Royal Lancaster London launches XR SmartStudio

Royal Lancaster London launches XR SmartStudio

In a time when hosting an event seems an unlikely possibility, the team at the iconic Royal Lancaster London have introduced a unique of equipment to allow businesses and individuals to host a virtual, hybrid or live event in the heart of London.

The facility is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe.

The new and innovative XR SmartStudio, in partnership with Smart AV, features a 20 square metre extended reality (XR) stage with LED backdrop and floor, audio, broadcast cameras and TV-ready lighting allowing clients to have both a live audience and virtual attendees.

Situated in the spacious and flexible Westbourne Suite, the SmartStudio creates a fully-immersive, 360-degree experience for guests, taking an event to the next level.

Hybrid events so far have included a mix of some attendees attending a conference in the Westbourne Suite listening to the presenter speaking live, whilst also enjoying the facilities of a five-star hotel, meanwhile other attendees can view remotely.


Fully virtual events involve the speakers pre=recording their messages which is then live streamed or saved for a later date.

The team can create an app for the delegate so that they can choose which session of a conference they want to join, and also have networking opportunities.

Sally Beck, general manager of Royal Lancaster London, said: “We’re delighted to work with our partners, Smart AV, in order to bring this concept to life, and we have made our beautiful Westbourne Suite available immediately so that clients can take advantage of the facility and make their event happen in the new reality.

“As we navigate through these difficult times, certainly for businesses, we see this as a perfect partnership that will allow great events to still take place, and support our industry.”