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Royal Cliff Hotels Group signs MoU with burapha university to bolster talents for Thai tourism

Royal Cliff Hotels Group signs MoU with burapha university to bolster talents for Thai tourism

A ceremony for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Burapha University was recently held at the Royal Summit Chamber of the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel to build a high-powered collaboration that would deliver quality hospitality training opportunities for young talented students. With this partnership, students and professionals who are interested in deepening their skills would have the chance to acquire high-quality education and experiences in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul, the CEO of Royal Cliff Hotels Group, signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Associate Professor Dr. Watcharin Gasalack, the President of Burapha University. The joint force of the 2 institutions will tackle several objectives including nurturing talents, developing an effective workforce, and attracting more quality candidates with the ultimate goal of uplifting the Thai tourism industry.

The president and staff of Burapha University are confident that the Royal Cliff Hotels Group will be able to pass on essential in-depth knowledge and valuable experiences to the students through real practice. The property possesses the vision, personnel, and well-equipped facilities that are conducive to learning. Students will be able to learn from professional learning processes beyond the textbooks which would help them build excellent problem-solving skills that they can apply in real work situations in the future.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group is the first hotel to enter this joint contract with the university. This partnership between a leading hospitality and tourism organization and a leading university in Chonburi, aims to nurture and develop personnel who will meet world-class standards and provide talented professionals to meet the demands of the labor market in the hospitality and service industry.
Royal Cliff has also created a “Graduate Program” which is designed specifically for Burapha University students where they will try a variety of jobs during their internship at the hotel. This will give the students the opportunity to know what type of job would best be suited for their abilities and skills. It will help create a guideline on how they want to advance their future career based on what they are interested in.

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