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Ring in the Galápagos National Park’s 65th Anniversary with Top Sustainability Initiatives

Ring in the Galápagos National Park’s 65th Anniversary with Top Sustainability Initiatives

The Galapagos Islands offer unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for all travelers. Located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, the delicate islands are a longstanding labyrinth rich with flora and fauna waiting to be explored—and protected—by its visitors.

When travelers choose to travel with Quasar Expeditions for their Galápagos adventures, they are also supporting the local community—human, quadrupeds, and birds alike.
As both the Galápagos National Park rings in its 65th anniversary and World Conservation Day approaches this July, it is more important than ever to shine a spotlight on how to experience the islands responsibly. For mindful travelers looking to tighten their bonds with nature, wildlife, and each other on an adventure with purpose, Quasar Expeditions works with the following local initiatives to lend a helping hand in protecting and preserving the archipelago:
Providing Hands-On Education Aboard The Beagle: The Darwin Discovery Institute hosts local events and special interest studies aboard the HMS Beagle, Quasar’s small sailing boat dedicated to giving locals hands-on hospitality training and teaching them about island conservation initiatives.

The platform’s purpose is to give back to the community, fostering a number of symbiotic relationships such as connecting locals to locals, youth to their environment, scientists to research opportunities, and travelers to the Galapagos on a full-circle scale.
Restoring the Galapagos Ecosystem: The Galapagos Conservancy, dedicated exclusively to the protection, conservation, and restoration of the unique biodiversity of the Galápagos is a nonprofit and defender of the islands. They have rewilded over 10,000 Giant Tortoises and are currently taking on a project to foster the restoration of coral reefs.
Saving Andean Condors: Quasar Expeditions has proudly adopted a baby condor named Huagcha in collaboration with Hacienda Zuleta, a farm lodge dating back to 1691 in the Andean mountain range of Ecuador. Guests are invited to extend their Galapagos trips to take a visit to the leading conservation center on the mainland, where they have dedicated 20+ years to breeding and releasing the severely endangered condors back into the wild.

Donating Scuba Gear: The Frente Insular of the Galápagos Marine Reserve helps ensure the island chain and its surrounding waters remain a sanctuary. Through continuous donations of essential gear, including wetsuits and kayaks, they are able to actively promote the expansion and preservation of the Marine Reserve through education programs and communication initiatives.
Empowering Galapagos Schools: Quasar has recently introduced their groundbreaking biodigester project at the Galápagos national school, which transforms organic waste into biogas and biofertilizer. The renewable resources help reduce waste and emissions, paving a path to greener energy while also giving Galápagos students an up-close look into the importance of sustainability.

Quasar Expeditions offers two 8-day itineraries and one 15-day itinerary for travelers of all ages to experience the magic of the Galapagos on their yachts, the M/Y Grace and M/V Evolution, inspired by Charles Darwin’s discoveries with an emphasis on protecting, respecting, and restoring the secluded treasure of the world.
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