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Reverie Saigon launches luxury yacht

Reverie Saigon launches luxury yacht

The Reverie Saigon has launched a yacht.

With the debut of its latest acquisition, a 60-foot Monte Carlo 6, the hotel is weighing anchor with a crew of three and a private butler with champagne picnic in tow for bespoke excursions along the Saigon River.

Spacious enough to very comfortably accommodate ten guests, yet suitably petite to navigate tributaries that lead to picturesque mangroves and tucked-away local villages, the vessel will start off by offering private charters of two-and-a-half, five and eight hours.

The three voyages chart journeys that drink in the wonders of the city’s dynamic thrust for the skies and also reveal the day-to-day living and traditional commerce that still take place along the riverfront.

Further from the heart of the burgeoning metropolis, the yacht threads the natural splendour of the tropical country’s verdant delta.


Just as the vessel’s namesake hotel transcends location to give guests an experience in Italian opulence, the yacht design also hails from the country renowned for its exceptional taste.

Italian yacht designers, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, are responsible for the Monte Carlo 6’s overall design while the interiors were fashioned by fellow countryman, Pierangelo Andreani.

The 32-ton yacht is decked out in teak wood and leatherwork and comes outfitted with spacious interior living and dining areas as well as additional spaces in which to lounge and dine al fresco out on the main deck and on the Monte Carlo 6’s characteristic flybridge above (complete with a retractable roof).