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Renfe and SNCF increase Paris-Barcelona connections

Renfe and SNCF increase Paris-Barcelona connections

High-velocity trains operated by Renfe and SNCF between Paris and Barcelona are expanding their offering, with a new interval on the timetable.

The decision seeks to reinforce the connection between the two cities, with four trips per day in both directions now planned.
Journeys take just over six hours.

Until August 26th there will be a new train time, leaving Paris at 16:07 and returning to Paris Gare de Lyon from Barcelona at 07:05.

The route will include new stops in the French cities of Sète (two hours 45 minutes from Barcelona), Agde (two hours 29 minutes from Barcelona), and Béziers (in two hours 15 minutes), cutting travel time significantly and offering a new transportation option to the southern French cities of Valence, Nîmes, Montpellier, Narbonne, and Perpignan in the direction of Spanish cities Figueres, Girona, and Barcelona.

Since 2013 Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation has linked 21 international destinations, carrying passengers between the following city centres:  Madrid, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Barcelona, Girona, and Figueres in Spain and Perpignan, Narbonne, Béziers, Agde, Sète, Carcasson, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nîmes, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseilles, Valence, Lyon, and Paris in France. 


Throughout the year, the countries are connected by four trips per day, rising to five in the spring and up to seven in the summer high-season, comprising a network of 64 connected stations.

Since the launch of high-velocity international travel in December of 2013, as of December 2017 over 3.4 million international passengers have made use of it.