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Quito features in the 101 World’s Best Steak Restaurants

Quito features in the 101 World’s Best Steak Restaurants

The 2023 edition of the official list of the world’s best steak restaurants was published on 24th March and, for the first time, Ecuador is part of this prestigious ranking, represented by Tributo, located in Quito.

In order to create the list of the 101 World’s Best Steak Restaurants, a team of expert ambassadors from Upper Cut Media House made undercover visits to the 700 establishments nominated across all continents, assessing quality of the meat, quality of the service, knowledge of the product, menu variety, interior design and facilities.

Tributo was launched in 2021, with the view to create cuisine exclusively using local ingredients and to raise awareness of their meat-based research and development by way of the ‘Vaca Vieja Andina’ proposal, which pays homage to Andean culture, preserving the full value chain, complying with animal care policies to ensure the use of all cuts and the delivery of a quality product.

The creation of the ‘Vaca Vieja Andina’ implies understanding the breeds of cattle that were historically brought to Ecuador, and the genetic crosses used to adapt them to the characteristics of the Andes. Based on this, the arduous task of perfecting breeding, feeding, slaughter, maturation and preparation of the ‘Vaca Vieja Andina’ was undertaken.

Its proposal and concept come from dairy cattle from the mountains, which have completed their productive cycle and are now in a new phase, with fair pay for producers and permanent training for those who form part of the process. Tributo therefore aims to place the ‘Joya de Los Andes’ at a global level.


Luis Maldonado, chef at Tributo and one of the ‘Vaca Vieja Andina’ project mentors, highlighted the work undertaken by the restaurant to re-frame Ecuadorian meat culture and support the mission of the local gastronomy movement.  “We’re proud to honour Ecuador with this recognition, which we know has been achieved through the careful work we’ve undertaken during this short time, complying with all the processes and regulations that have won us a place on the global stage”, he added.

Tributo therefore joins other restaurants in Quito that have received international recognition, positioning the Capital of the Middle of the World as a gastronomic destination.