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Quiet Hub on hand at International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum
Nicholls thanked IWTTF for giving neurodiversity such prominence

Quiet Hub on hand at International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum

The International Women in Travel & Tourism Forum (IWTTF) 2023 is offering a Quiet Hub aimed at supporting the needs of attendees with neurodiversity.

Sponsored by Attraction World Group and provided by EventWell, the Quiet Hub will be adjacent to the main conference room, and will offer a safe space for those who need to take time out and decompress.

It includes three main zones - a Meditation Zone comprising individual seats each with a device offering meditation, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, white, pink and brown noise, and a noise cancelling bluetooth headset; a Mindfulness Zone with mindful colouring books, puzzle books and jigsaws, and a Relaxation Zone offering bean bags, floor cushions and noise cancelling ear muffs.

It also includes a decaf coffee and herbal tea bar with infused water and fresh fruit bowl, plant décor and sensory lighting, an essential oil diffuser and Moodfix mists designed to relax, calm and soothe, fidget/stim toys, massage cushions and assorted books and magazines on mental wellbeing and health.

IWTTF is being hosted by Google at its Kings Cross office in London, and has become renowned as an open, engaging and authentic platform for discussion on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within travel and tourism, with the passionate objective of developing a more equal, sustainable, and successful industry.

The programme includes a panel discussion on neurodiversity and a fireside chat between IWTTF founder Alessandra Alonso and Attraction World chief executive Olly Nicholls, who is open about turning his experience living with ADHD into a “superpower”.

Olly Nicholls, chief executive of Attraction World Group, added: “I want to recognise Alessandra and IWTTF for not only seeing the value of adding a Quiet Hub to the facilities at IWTTF, which I and many others in the room will appreciate, but for giving neurodiversity such prominence on the IWTTF agenda.

“With an estimated one-in-seven people being neurodivergent, it is really important to be having these conversations.”

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Tickets for IWTTF are now sold out, but interested parties can be added to the wait list here.