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Premier Inn puts sleep challenges to bed with wellbeing campaign for guests and team members

Premier Inn puts sleep challenges to bed with wellbeing campaign for guests and team members Premier Inn team members with Simon Leigh, Managing Director Premier Inn MENA

… Premier Inn MENA is highlighting the importance of good sleep with a new campaign for hotel guests and team members to mark World Sleep Day (17 March).
Britain’s biggest – and favourite – hotel chain is giving overnight guests in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha a series of specially-curated work-out videos, sleep-inducing music playlists, a host of shut-eye tips and a complimentary caffeine-free hot drink to kickstart their way to relaxing sleep.
The company is also highlighting its commitment to the wellbeing of team members across the region by educating them on the importance of quality sleep, and providing special ‘bedtime kits’ and ongoing sleep-related support and initiatives to help them get good rest.   
Simon Leigh, Managing Director, Premier Inn MENA, said: “A key pillar of the Premier Inn brand is ‘Rest Easy’.  We know that a great day begins with a good night’s sleep, and, while our high-quality beds and relaxing environment are key, education and additional touches can make a big difference, too. We want to ensure that every Premier Inn guest and team member is not only fully informed about the role of sleep when it comes to their mental and physical health, but also equipped to get the rest they need for optimum wellbeing.
“Unfamiliar surroundings, emergency travel, anxiety ahead of important business meetings and jet lag can all cause sleep trouble for hotel guests.  Meanwhile, our team members – the backbone of our businesses who are pivotal to our guest journey – can face different sleep challenges caused by changing shift patterns, shared accommodation and other factors inherent in their line of work. We want to put sleep challenges to bed – on Sleep Day and beyond – and are continually exploring new initiatives and activities to make this happen.  This latest campaign highlights just some of the ways in which we take care of our customers and teams which, in turn, enhances our guests’ experiences.”
Premier Inn’s sleep campaign underlines how a gentle workout before bed can promote good sleep. The company has teamed up with Dubai-based, certified Pilates instructor Hilal Leigh (@hilalleighpilates), who has a following of more than 100,000 people worldwide, to produce a series of videos featuring stretching and breathing exercises, to get the body ready for sleep. Hilal’s expertise is also regularly used to promote Premier Inn employee health and wellbeing through live and online fitness classes for team members.
Julie Mallon, founder of UAE-based Nurture 2 Sleep, said: “There are three pillars of wellbeing: diet, exercise and, most importantly, sleep. During sleep, the brain is around 30 per cent more active and can store new information and get rid of toxic waste. In addition, the body repairs cells, restores energy and releases important hormones and proteins to build and protect our immune system.

“It’s great to see Premier Inn taking the lead on all things sleep in the interest of guest and team member wellbeing. With insufficient sleep linked to mental and physical health problems, including increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease, good sleep should be treated as a key element of how we live, in order to enjoy life to the full.”
Premier Inn’s top tips to rest easy:
• Stay active with a daily walk or workout
• Unwind before bed by reading a book or magazine, or do some gentle exercise
• Avoid bright or artificial lights before going to bed
• Stop screen time at least an hour before bed
• Declutter your space to feel calm at the end of the day
• Keep your bedroom cool at night
• Boost your body clock by waking up at the same time each day
• Take a relaxing bath before bed
• Strengthen the body clock with 30 minutes of daylight each morning
• Practice sleep mediation or breathing exercises to reduce stress before bed.

Premier Inn sleep playlist example: 
1. River Flows In You - Yiruma
2. A Walk in the Country - Nature Sounds
3. Wave Foam - Relaxed Minds
4. Relaxing Jungle Sounds - Lluvia del Bosque
5. In the Heart of the Jungle - Exotic Nature Kingdom
6. Sleep: Soft Ocean - Ocean Sounds ACE
7. Summertime Forest Campfire - Tmsoft’s White Noise Sleep Sounds
8. Heavy August Rain and Thunder - Tmsoft’s White Noise Sleep Sounds
9. Light Rain Sprinkles - Nature Sounds
10. Moonlight Sonata (Ist Movement) - Betoven Collection
11. Pure Static - Fans & White Noise
12. My Heart Will Go On – Instrumental - Basiel Jozey
13. Chirping Early Morning - Auge Espiritual
14. Sounds of Nature: The Waves - The Outdoor Library
15. Ocean For Sleep - Waves Hard

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