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Oman Air to repatriate citizens from Thailand

Oman Air to repatriate citizens from Thailand

Oman Air will operate a special round-trip flight from Muscat to Bangkok, Thailand, to bring home citizens who have been receiving medical treatment in the east Asian country.

The flight, with eight doctors and nurses from the ministry of health on board, is scheduled to depart today, returning tomorrow.

The Oman ministry of foreign affairs said that once this flight returns to Muscat, there will be no further citizens stranded in foreign countries who wish to come home.

However, should the need arise, Oman Air said it would be ready to repatriate Omani citizens once it receives official request.

In all its repatriation flights, crew-members and passengers are carefully briefed to follow all official requirements in order to ensure highest standers of health and safety.


Ground crews extensively clean the aircraft after each flight to ensure that they are safe for use by crew and passengers.

An Oman Air spokesman said: “We fly to serve the sultanate, and we are fully prepared to help people with medical conditions return to their homes.

“We are most grateful to the medical professionals who will be on this flight and attending to our citizens’ medical needs as we bring them home.”