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Novotel and WWF Unveil Three-Year Plan to Drive Sustainable Practices Across 580 Hotels Worldwide

Novotel and WWF Unveil Three-Year Plan to Drive Sustainable Practices Across 580 Hotels Worldwide

Novotel’s recent partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) marks a significant step in their commitment to environmental stewardship, particularly focusing on ocean conservation. The three-year agreement aims to drive positive change across Novotel’s 580 hotels worldwide, integrating science-based action and conservation projects into their operations.

This partnership aligns with Novotel’s longstanding dedication to balance, both in their business model and in enhancing the work-life experience of their guests. By focusing on the ocean, the brand aims to contribute to the preservation and restoration of this vital ecosystem, which plays a crucial role in regulating the climate and supporting biodiversity.

Novotel’s action plan, rooted in United Nations priorities, encompasses initiatives to reduce marine pollution, combat overfishing, and increase scientific knowledge about ocean health. Through four key pillars of their Positive Impact Plan, Novotel aims to reduce plastic and carbon footprints, make sustainable food choices, enhance education and awareness about ocean conservation, and contribute to research and innovation.

The partnership with WWF outlines four main objectives: establishing sustainable seafood policies, raising awareness among guests and employees about ocean importance, advocating for ocean preservation, and supporting marine biodiversity through specific projects.

WWF’s involvement includes providing technical expertise, conducting site visits, and forming a dedicated steering committee to monitor Novotel’s progress. Additionally, Novotel will support WWF’s conservation projects worldwide, including initiatives such as protecting marine habitats, removing marine debris, and tracking marine turtle populations.


This collaboration reflects Accor’s broader commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through previous initiatives such as supporting renewable energy projects and reducing single-use plastics across its properties. By partnering with WWF and embracing environmental stewardship, Novotel sets a precedent for the hospitality industry and contributes to global efforts for a more sustainable future.