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New York City breaks tourism records

New York City breaks tourism records

New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYC & Company Board of directors chair and Metropolitan Museum of Art president Emily Rafferty have announced New York city will reach 50.2 million visitors by the end of 2011, achieving the goal of attracting 50 million visitors by 2012 one full year ahead of schedule.

Throughout 2011, the city maintained its position as the number one city destination and overseas destination in the United States.

In recognition of this achievement, mayor Bloomberg this week presented the Johnson family from Lichfield, England with a ‘golden ticket’ to New York city and named them the honorary 50 millionth visitors to New York city.

“Five and half years ago, we set an ambitious goal to reach 50 million visitors by 2015, and in 2008, we accelerated that goal to be the end of 2012,” said Bloomberg.

“Today, we know that we will exceed this significant milestone by year’s end.

“New York city’s quality of life has contributed to this great success and we are confident we will sustain the success of our tourism industry in the months and years ahead.”

NYC & Company forecasts the city will attract a record-breaking 10.1 million international visitors in 2011, a four per cent increase over 2010.

The United Kingdom, which is home to the Johnson family, is the top market of origin for overseas visitors with more than one million visitors expected by the end of 2011 – a two per cent increase.

The city also expects to attract a record-breaking 40.1 million domestic visitors – 2.9 per cent more than last year.

New York city is also on track to generate $32 billion in visitor spending, $48 billion in economic impact and contribute to approximately 320,000 jobs across the five boroughs.

The city remains the number one U.S. city destination for tourism spending.

New York city continues to hold its position as the number one port of entry for the U.S. and the number one U.S. destination for overseas travel with approximately one out of every three visitors to the U.S. visiting the five boroughs.

Since 2006, New York city has continued to increase its market share for all inbound international travel to the U.S. growing from a 28 per cent market share to a nearly 33 per cent market share for 2010.

Each additional share point captured by New York city accounts for approximately $600 million dollars in spending to the five boroughs.