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New study reveals Brits are in fact a nation of sociable travellers

New study reveals Brits are in fact a nation of sociable travellers

A new survey commissioned by Badoo, the world’s largest social network for meeting new people, today reveals Brits are in fact a nation of friendly commuters with over half (56%) confessing to regularly smiling at strangers on their commute to work and nearly half (44%) having admitted to striking up conversation with a fellow traveller.

The poll of over 2,000 Brits looks at the latest UK commuter habits and reveals the key to making friends is to catch their eye, with over half (53%) of Brits admitting that when eye contact is made with a stranger they will smile in return and more than one in ten (11%) will react by striking up a conversation.  Furthermore, a third (33%) of Brits have even swapped numbers, become friends or met up with other commuters outside of their commutes.

And the Commuter Capital Is…
The Welsh capital, Cardiff, takes the crown for the UK’s Friendliest Commuter City with over half (55%) of Cardiff commuters admitting to actively being friendly to other commuters by exchanging smiles and engaging in conversation with their fellow passengers. Southampton, Aberdeen and Wolverhampton follow closely behind.

Unsurprisingly, London’s melting pot of commuters can’t shake off their unfriendly image and are above average when it comes to anti social behaviour such as wearing earphones or reading books or newspapers whilst on the go.  With the national average at 42%, London comes in at 48% of commuters spending their journey like this.

Top 10 Friendly Commutes
·      Cardiff (55%)
·      Southampton (54%)
·      Aberdeen (54%)
·      Wolverhampton (50%)
·      Oxford (49%)
·      York (49%)
·      Chelmsford (49%)
·      Gloucester (49%)
·      Brighton (49%)
·      Plymouth (48%)


Across the regions, Worcester has revealed itself as a hotspot for making new friends with fellow commuters as it has the highest concentration (82%) of Brits swapping numbers, becoming friends or meeting for coffee or drinks. Commuters looking for romance should head to Coventry where over a fifth of Brits have found love (21%), compared to national average of just 4%.

Commuters Wish List
The two most prominent changes Brits want for their journey to work are for their other commuters to lose their rude and aggressive attitude (34%) and to have more friendly fellow commuters (28%). Commuters in Wolverhampton feel strongest about rude companions with nearly two thirds (64%) wishing less rude and aggressive behaviour, while commuters in Gloucester are happiest with their journey as over half (55%) wouldn’t change a thing.

Brits aren’t all smiles and chatty commuters though, the study also reveals there are still those who continue to stick their earphones in or engross themselves in reading a book or newspaper whilst they are on the go (42%). Commuters in Gloucester are the worst when it comes to commuting chivalry too, with nearly a quarter (23%) of people confessing they are unwilling to give their seat up for anyone including pregnant women, elderly and disabled people, which is well above the national average of just 5%. In contrast, Chelmsford is the best for chivalry with over four in five (86%) people willing to move for those less able than themselves.

Amy Mills, a spokesperson for, which commissioned the study, commented: “We all have busy lives and it can be difficult to find the time to meet new people and expand your social circle. Many of us spend a lot of time each day commuting - so it’s heartening to learn that Brits are using that time socially.  Badoo is all about meeting new people so if you’re too shy to smile or strike up a conversation, why not use the Badoo mobile app to break the ice with your fellow commuters. You never know, you could become one of the many Brits who have made friends on the way to work!”