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New EIBTM visitor record

New EIBTM visitor record

EIBTM confirms the official information about its December 2010 event, with the results of an independent audit carried out by ABC, confirming a new EIBTM record for visitor attendance.

The event’s Total Unique Attendance*, which includes exhibiting personnel, was 14,241, a 3.7% increase on 2009. This figure can be split into Visitor and Exhibitor Attendance, allowing clear clarification:

* Visitor Attendance including Hosted Buyers was recorded as 8,376, the highest ever total number of visitors at EIBTM, marking a 2.5% increase on 2009.
* Exhibitor personnel increased 5.5% on 2009 figures, reaching 5,865 at EIBTM 2010.

Graeme Barnett, EIBTM Exhibition Director, comments: “We recognise how important it is to provide all our stakeholders with independently verified statistics. This allows them to evaluate their own ROI and can be a reliable method for evaluating and analysing the success of EIBTM as it evolves.”

Barnett continues: “Attracting strong visitor numbers is key, however, as the leading global event for the meetings and incentive industry, EIBTM is not just about driving attendees. It’s also about delivering quality audiences that include top level decision-makers and senior level buyers.”


The EIBTM 2010 audit was carried out by ABC, an independent industry body that audits exhibitions, providing independent verification of exhibition attendance figures.

Alden Arnold from ABC, comments: “When deciding whether to take a stand at an event, exhibitors need accurate, unbiased information about the show. The success of an exhibition is measured by the quantity and quality of the attendees. Exhibitors often accept the word of the organiser on attendance figures - an ABC certificate gives credibility and written evidence to support these claims.”

EIBTM 2011 takes places 29th November – 1st December 2011, Barcelona.