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New CrossCount​ry Trains mobile app

New CrossCount​ry Trains mobile app

The superior Train Tickets mobile app offers plenty of functions which improve the travelling experiences of passengers on all train routes and with any rail provider in Britain.

Unlike any other application for rail travellers, the Train Tickets mobile app provides real time train information on all routes in Great Britain, so travellers can clearly see live train times and the expected arrival time at each station along the line.

With the rail app – developed by CrossCountry trains to enhance and improve the travelling experience for rail users - you can foresee any delays, check connections and consequently book your rail tickets safe in the knowledge that your choice is based on the most up to date information. This, among many other benefits ensures that the Train Tickets mobile app, offers much more than similar mobile apps available – and it’s free!

For speed and convenience, travellers can purchase train tickets directly through the mobile app, and the m-ticket (mobile ticket) will be saved in the handy ticket wallet within the app* – making it easy to access and almost impossible to lose.

Andy Cooper, Managing Director at CrossCountry said: “The Train Tickets app can transform the process of travelling by train. Access to live departure boards and an intuitive user interface make it quicker and easier to buy cheaper Advance fares, giving the consumer full control over their journey.


“The innovative approach to m-tickets taken by CrossCountry has made it possible to deliver a simple and secure mobile ticketing solution for customers that will help transform the experience of buying train tickets.”

The Train Tickets app supports iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia smartphones as well as most everyday handsets. Developed by technology specialists Masabi, it can be downloaded from major app stores or by texting ‘Travel’ to 87080.

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