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New couple’s massage class at award-winning hilltop Spa

New couple’s massage class at award-winning hilltop Spa

With a paradise setting provided by nature’s hand, and secluded villas perfect for two, romance is something that comes naturally at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, and now, in a new experience to draw partners closer, the award-winning hilltop Spa launches its Couple’s Massage Class, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Led by Senior Spa Therapist Jane, guests will be taught the skills needed to practice simple massage techniques at home to the benefit of their partner, learning the skills to ensure a feeling of relaxation and renewed connection as a couple, long after they return home. In the spacious surroundings of a private couple’s treatment room, the massage introduction will be followed by an oil-blending session to find the perfect combination of texture, scent and purpose that is appreciated by both. A base of argan, coconut or almond oils can be selected to be combined with a range of essential oils,with guidance on complementing and mood-enhancing fragrances offered by the therapist.

In the following hour of instruction and practise, the therapist will adapt the class to suit the preferences of the couple, while teaching reflexology, head massage, and techniques to release tension from the neck and back.  Both partners may try the techniques, or one can learn and the other can enjoy.

“Our Resort is such an inspiring place for couples who wish to share quality time and create life-long memories, that we wanted to introduce a special way to celebrate their love in the Spa. By learning simple massage techniques to help heal and ease the body and mind they can reach a level of connectivity not often achieved outside of the Spa,” comments Spa Manager Charlotte Ginolin. “Our expert therapists have designed this session to guide guests through a customised relaxation protocol that can easily be reproduced in the privacy of the home, for couples to celebrate and share in their love.”