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New brand for Jamaica being revealed

New brand for Jamaica being revealed

The personality of the Jamaica brand is as big as a country. Everything they do as a brand reflects their culture. They are colorful. They are proud. They are magnetic. It’s their confidence in themselves that allows them to be so inviting. It’s in their nature to show the world rather than be shown up. A personality that sets them apart from any other destination.
This new and inventive change clearly recognises the strong and unique values of the people and its culture.
The new branding and lifestyle guide seeks to target the following 3 groups of people:

Experience Seeker

Millennials successfully settling into their careers and relationships who can afford to spend more on themselves. They seek travel as a necessity to a complete life and enjoy researching vacations, in search of adventure and one-of-a-kind experiences.Their friends come to them for travel advice because they do their homework.
•Raised with constantly changing tech, expect it to be new, different and better all the time
•Urban & affluent transplants who live in competitive cities
•Looking to feel connected and in-the-know•High standards for brands

Family Planner

Travelers who are married with children and established in careers. They are diligent on their paths to success for themselves and their families, and are devoted time to their passions, of which, travel is a priority.
•Are tech savvy and believe in staying up to date to improve their lifestyle
•Actively partake in social/nightlife•Believe their job is their career and are willing to put the hours in
•Tend to live in or an accessible distance from urban centers
•Look for trusted brands while shopping


Seasoned Traveler
Empty nesters established in their careers or close to retirement. Though logical about their spending, they value premium experiences and see spending on luxuries while traveling as “worth it.”They seek out adventures and are looking for more rewarding experiences in everyday life.
•They are natural leaders with traditional values
•They appreciate the benefits/convenience of technology
•Enjoy content for travel inspiration, but not influencer or image-focused
•Value quality over price but do the research to make sure they’ll get what they want

The new campaign is supported by six (6) key pillars that showcase the uniqueness of their country. This is not a menu of things on offer. Rather, each topic is a window of opportunity to share the promise of Jamaica.

Let your relaxing vacation in Jamaica take you up mountains, down rivers, under waterfalls and beneath the sea. Don’t worry, we have plenty of beaches for you to catch your breath too.

To say Jamaica has a laid-back culture is only half the story. With so many wellness retreats, pampering resorts and spas, we’ve practically written the book on relaxing and recharging your mind, body and soul.

Jamaica brings the flavor with our unique blend of spices and influences from all over the world. From beach-side meals to road-side restaurants, every bite is an invitation for your appetite to come back again.

And just when you think you know a place,something new and fascinating is uncovered. Let your curiosity take you places that will make you love Jamaica even more.

Every sound in Jamaica will put a little bounce in your step from the rhythm of our waves to the melody of our birds and, of course, reggae in the air. You may not feel like dancing at home, but you’ll certainly feel it here.

It’s inevitable. It can happen on top of a waterfall, in a dancehall or while soaking up the sun in our soft white sand, sooner or later you’ll learn to say “I love you” without saying any words at all.