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National Car Rental offers advice on staying safe on winter roads

National Car Rental offers advice on staying safe on winter roads

Not many drivers will be hoping for a white Christmas, as winter weather can cause havoc on the roads. But if you’re heading abroad there’s every chance you might encounter weather and road conditions you’re not used to.  That’s why leading international car rental specialist, National Car Rental, is providing advice to motorists who will be driving abroad for the seasonal holidays. And it’s urging travellers to book early for Christmas to secure the vehicle they need, with room for the family and all the presents.

“The beauty of a rental car means drivers don’t have to worry about the condition of their vehicle before setting out on winter roads” confirmed Carmen Gomariz, National Car Rental.  “Vehicles in the National fleet are fully maintained and serviced and covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.  But we know it’s not just the vehicle condition that can be a worry on winter roads.  Driving in an unfamiliar country with its local road rules, and in an unfamiliar car if renting can be an unsettling experience, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worse!  However, our Drive Safe website gives motorists plenty of useful information and tips on what to expect when driving in a new country which could prove very useful this Christmas.”


Completely free to access, the National Drive Safe website includes driving information on 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. Users can find in-depth guidelines on key road regulations, including speed limits, alcohol limits and road tolls, as well as advice on country and city driving. Tips on rush hour times, parking rules and road safety initiatives are also included as well as the rules on whether hand held mobile phones can be used and what sort of child seats are required.  Plus Drive Safe users can register for updates and news of special offers as well as add their own traffic tips, providing first-hand information for other visitors to the site.



It also offers key country facts for travellers including the currency, time zone, calling code and, very useful for planning Christmas travel, a real-time weather forecast, as well as access to a Google map for each country. 

“Customers looking for the comfort and convenience of a National vehicle should book early to ensure they get the car to suit their needs” concluded Carmen Gomariz. “At Christmas, extra space for luggage and family members makes all the difference.  And with the National Drive Safe website they can find the best National Car Rental location for the journey as well as book online.”


Drive Safe is available at

National Car Rental’s safe Christmas driving tips:
  * Listen to weather reports before you go and stay at home if conditions are very bad
  * Eat before you go, in case you get stuck in bad weather
  * Plan your route, as major roads are more likely to have been gritted
  * Always carry a fully charged mobile
  * Don’t forget your coat, a hat, gloves and boots, as well a torch, shovel and first aid kit
  * Clear all of the windows and the roof using a scraper and de-icer, not hot water, which can crack the glass
  * Take some food and a hot drink with you if you are going on a long journey
  * Try to maintain a constant speed on slippery surfaces and avoid harsh braking and acceleration
  * Remember stopping distances are 10 times longer in icy or snowy conditions
  * Only drive through water if you know that it is not too deep for your car and drive slowly
  * In snow, stop frequently to clean the windscreen, lights and number plates
  * Reduce your speed