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Momondo launches Friend Compass

Momondo launches Friend Compass

In a world first, Friend Compass from travel search site connects your Facebook friends with flight searches to the places they live. Turning your smartphone into a compass, it instantly reveals where your friends live around the world, and how much it costs to go visit them. A fully integrated feature of the free momondo mobile app, it’s available on iPhone and Android.

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and family living in faraway places. But it’s no substitute for seeing them in person. With the fun new Friend Compass feature built into the momondo flight search app, you can quickly see which directions your Facebook friends live in relation to your current location and, with a few taps, book cheap flights to go visit them.

This new, inspirational feature uses your mobile phone’s GPS technology to create a real working compass. Found inside momondo’s flight search app, it’s available free to all on iPhone and Android.

As well as pointing out the directions in which all your friends live, the app tells you who lives in the hottest destination, who lives in the coldest destination, and who lives the farthest away. You can also see which friends are the cheapest and most expensive to visit by plane.

Bringing your friends into flight search
Julie Pedersen, Spokesperson at momondo states: “Facebook has changed the travel landscape, and according to the social network’s own stats, travel is the second most talked about event we share with our connections. With Friend Compass we’re making travel search social and challenging traditional travel search. We believe Friend Compass will inspire lots more people to fly abroad and visit their friends and family.”


You can setup Friend Compass to find your friends ‘nationally’, ‘regionally’ or ‘globally’. You can also switch to City View, which enables you to locate many of the top destinations worldwide relative to your current position and find the best flights to these places.

Facts about the momondo Friend Compass:
-  The momondo app including Friend Compass can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play
momondo Friend Compass locates your Facebook friends based on their current city
-  If users decide not to grant access to their Facebook account, they will be presented with a compass view that shows the location of major cities around the world
-  This combination of social network and flight search is unique to the momondo app