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Mobile travel apps on the rise

Mobile travel apps on the rise

Mobile apps are taking over from voice and web, according to the Travel Technology Initiative.  With over 300 travel-specific apps now available for the iphone and many more for other mobiles, TTI sees this as a significant new customer channel for travel companies.

The increase in apps or mobile applications has been driven by Apple allowing developers to build these which, after they have been approved, can be downloaded by all iphone users.

In recognition of the importance of mobile apps, TTI has organised a forum to debate the subject and hear from some mobile experts.  The line-up of speakers for the event includes’s Head of Innovation and British Airways’ Mobile Innovation Manager.

TTI’s Chairman, Tony Allen, commented, “Mobile could be set to be the biggest single electronic channel to market.  Every consumer has a mobile phone and for Generation Z – people born after the mid-1990s – mobile devices have become their main connection to the online world.  These new online consumers will expect to interface with the travel industry through their handsets.  This Forum will provide a valuable insight into how to get the most from this channel.”