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Latest Road Safety Campaign Introduced by

Latest Road Safety Campaign Introduced by

The latest ‘Road Sense’ campaign conducted by car hire price comparison site has been introduced this week in partnership with UK road safety charity Brake. The new initiative will focus on ensuring people get regular car safety checks during the winter.

‘Road Sense’ sets out to draw attention to key road safety issues, with this year’s subject being getting regular checks on car brakes and tyres. This is more important than ever says as winter weather hits the country’s roads – though the site appreciates that people’s budgets do remain tight.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of, says: “People need to know that spending money on getting their brakes and tyres checked out for winter is an investment in safety. Together we can help to bring down the number of avoidable accidents on UK roads.”

Motoring safety foundation Brake stated this week that more young Brits are killed on the roads than by any other means – and that the main reasons for this are driving too fast and poor overtaking. Also according to the charity, one in eight UK drivers is aged under 25 yet one in four accidents involves someone of that age.

“Our goal is to offer the most useful safety information around, hence why we’ve partnered up with Brake for 2011 Road Sense,” Gareth continued. “UK motorists know that Brake knows what it is talking about on road safety issues, so we’re hoping that people will pay attention and work hard to make accidents more avoidable this winter.”


Katie Shephard, director at Brake, comments: “We are delighted to team up with for the Road Sense campaign and the goal is that of reducing accidents throughout the UK this winter. We want people to think on and ‘have a heart at the wheel’ during Road Safety Week this year.”

The Road Sense site offers road safety advice as well as new offers, including discounts on winter clothing and reflective gear for children and adults from Outdoor Look and BrightKidz. is the leading car hire comparison site comparing prices in over 15,000 locations worldwide including France, Spain and car hire in Ireland, with pick up locations including car hire in Ireland, Cork and Shannon.

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