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Korean delegation and performance team confirms participation in Seychelles Carnival

Korean delegation and performance team confirms participation in Seychelles Carnival

Julie Kim from the Seychelles Tourism Board Korea-based Office confirmed today that a Korean delegation is flying in from Seoul, Korea, to participate in the 2012 Carnival being staged in Seychelles. The Korean procession team will have a decorated truck featuring Korean traditional items and will have Korean traditional percussionists on board.

The Korean delegation will also perform at the Carnival’s Official Opening Ceremony and the Family Fun Day, as well as the Carnival procession.

The theme of the performance is “Korean Traditional Music, ‘Samoolnori.’” The Korean traditional performing art troupe, the Nanjang&Pan, has seven years of history since 2004, and is a traditional Korean folk music performance troupe.

They focus their performance on “samoolnori” (a performance using 4 kinds of percussion instruments) and other traditional performing arts and entertainment programs. Korean traditional culture and performing arts are no longer a fossilized legacy inherited from ancestors in the distant past, but a freshening icon of long-established culture with plenty of vitality, excitement, and humor ingrained throughout the whole gamut of artistic approaches to living in the vortex of work and labor.

This troupe has won the Republic of Korea’s Presidential Award (Grand Prix), the 17th Buyeo World Samoolnori Competition in 2008. This folk culture-oriented organization was authorized as a Korean traditional performing arts troupe in 2009. They have performed in other major countries, such as Australia, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Indonesia, etc.


The Seychelles Tourism Board has welcomed the confirmation, as the arrival of the Koreans will further enhance the melting pot of culture theme displayed by the Carnaval International de Victoria. “We are indeed happy with this announcement ,because we wanted to raise our visibility in Korea. Their participation will bring about press coverage in Korea and the neighboring countries and this will help the tourism industry in Seychelles get more known,” Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.