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Kayak Holidays gets UK launch

Kayak Holidays gets UK launch

Travel comparison website, Kayak, today announces the launch of its innovative holiday search service, Kayak Holidays.

Kayak Holidays combines a comprehensive product portfolio with an intelligent search engine, to provide package deals and separate flight/hotel booking options in one easy-to-use price comparison offering.

The algorithms used by Kayak Holidays, which compare 700 airlines, 30 hotel providers, 90 tour operators and 40 OTAs globally, have been developed to bring together multiple search options and deliver comprehensive results that find the most suitable match and a great price for any search query.

In addition to the advanced technology used to gather the results, Kayak has also developed a unique intelligent search feature for Kayak Holidays, which allows travellers to search for holiday inspiration by entering generic locations, as well as emotive search terms.

For example, people can simply enter key words, such as “Caribbean” or “sandy beach and best spa experience” and Kayak Holidays will generate suggested holiday locations.

This technology aggregates information from more than 200 sources, including customer reviews of specific hotels and resorts, to provide travellers with informative recommendations to match their holiday desires.

Kayak Holidays also provides unprecedented price transparency for online holiday travel searches. For instance, Kayak Holidays shows at a glance whether an airport transfer is included or not.

Jan Valentin, vice president of package travel, Kayak, commented: “As a leading online travel comparison website, we understand that people want to find the best holiday deals as quickly and simply as possible.

“A lot of time and research has gone into the development of Kayak Holidays and we are extremely proud of the service’s capabilities, particularly in terms of our intelligent search technology, which is unique to Kayak.

“Our main objective is to fundamentally improve internet travel and the development of KAYAK Holidays brings us yet another step closer to this.”