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Katzarava leads classical recital at Expo 2020

Katzarava leads classical recital at Expo 2020

Soothing classical music entertained visitors at Expo 2020’s Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre this week, with the pairing of internationally acclaimed soprano, Maria Katzarava, and renowned pianist, Argentina Durán.

Katzarava and Duran, who count among Mexico’s most significant contributions to the world of opera and orchestral music, captivated the audience with their spectacular open-air recital.

Katzarava started her musical journey at the age of 15 when she fell in love with opera and started taking private lessons.


She has performed major roles at famous European theatres, including the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, the Scala di Milano Theatre and Lausanne Opera House.

Durán plays the piano with the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico and has been a soloist with several other orchestras.

She has held concerts at various venues around the world, and previously performed solo at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre.