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Kahala Hotel & Resort Adventures: Fun For The Whole Family

Kahala Hotel & Resort Adventures: Fun For The Whole Family

Keawe Ocean Adventures, Dolphin Quest and Kids Programs A Recipe for Fun

The Kahala Hotel & Resort has kicked up the fun factor with the addition of Keawe Ocean Adventures to their roster of activities, which also includes the popular Dolphin Quest and Kahala Kids programs.

Keawe Ocean Adventures sees the beach as a journey of fun and discovery. Their ocean experts are inspirational guides that make seemingly difficult water activities accessible no matter what age or skill level. Learn how to surf, stand-up paddleboard, snorkel, spear fish, outrigger canoe surf, and fly fish. Guided beach programs are open to all ages, and all activities take place in Maunalua Bay, fronting The Kahala from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.

— Fly Fishing - Bonefish, oio in Hawaiian, thrive in the sandy, shallow
    waters off The Kahala. Catch five to ten pound oio from an outrigger
    canoe with light tackle and spinner rods. $150 for 1.5 hours; $300 for
    3 hours.
— Surfing - Private surf lessons, all the gear you need (including rash
    guards and reef walkers), and guides that point you to the right surf
    spot within seconds make for fantastic surf adventure. For advanced
    surfers, mini surf trips to nearby spots can also be arranged.  $100
    for 1 hour.
— Stand Up Paddling - A blend of surfing and paddling, and a great core
    workout, hour-long private lessons allow plenty of time to learn this
    balancing act. $100 for 1 hour.
— Outrigger Canoe Surfing - Catch waves in an 18-foot outrigger canoe
    for an exhilarating Hawaiian roller coaster ride. Session comes with a
    life vest, safety lesson, and an experienced waterman.  $75 per person
    for 30 minutes.
— Snorkeling - Access remote snorkeling areas in an outrigger canoe to
    see a variety of colorful reef fish.  $65 per person for 1 hour.
— Spear Fishing - Learn the basics of Hawaiian three-prong spear
    fishing.  $150 for 1.5 hours.

Guests can interact with Hoku, Kolohe, Liho, Lono, and Nainoa, The Kahala’s resident Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins, in the resort’s 26,000 sq.ft. natural lagoon. Dolphin Quest’s Kids Aquatic Adventure program is perfect for children from five to 10 years old. Little ones (four and younger) can also join in the fun with an adult in the Wee Family, Fins and Fun program.


The Kahala keeps kids entertained. Upon arrival, kids are welcomed with fun amenities, such as a Kahala dolphin or honu (sea turtle) stuffed toy and homemade cookies. At the Keiki Club, kids learn about the Hawaiian Islands and culture through activities like reef walking, snorkeling, storytelling, lei making, hula dancing, crabbing, arts & crafts, bamboo pole fishing, and observing Hawaiian marine life. Half-day program is $35 per child or $45 with lunch, and full-day program is $65 per child.