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JetCost offers cost saving tips for budget travellers

With the cost of living continuing to rise, a flight comparison website has shared its tips with travellers on how to ensure they are clinching the cheapest possible deals on flights; in order to keep those travelling costs down as much as possible.

With the cost of living ever on the up, a flight comparison website has shared with UK travellers its best tips on clinching the cheapest possible deals for flights; ensuring that travelling costs are kept down wherever possible.

The comparison site,, recognised the importance in ensuring that travellers are getting the best possible deal for their money; particularly in today’s tough economic climate. The website’s Co-Founder Jerome Cohen-Scali therefore decided to share his best tips on how to make sure you are always getting the best flight deal.

The top 10 tips for clinching the cheapest flights, as divulged by Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co-Founder of, are as follows:

1) Book Flights Early


Contrary to common belief, searching for and booking flights as early as possible is key to clinching the cheapest deals around. Although many airlines publicise some great late deals, it’s never a good idea to leave booking to the last minute if you can possibly help it. The earlier you book, the cheaper the deal you will get, as airlines usually hike up the prices the closer the date to departure.

2) Use Comparison Sites

This may sound a little like teaching a granny how to suck eggs, but using a comparison site really is the best way to directly compare where you can find the cheapest flight deals. With these, you can easily see which airlines can give you the best flight for your money, and you’ll know you’re getting a fuller picture than if you were to search for flights individually.

3) Be Flexible

Usually, being flexible with your dates, and even destinations, can really pay off when attempting to finding the best deals. If your trip is at all flexible on dates, look around a 2-3 day period; as often flights at less busy times or on days considered ‘off-peak’ can save you a fair few pounds. Taking this one step further, try to research different airports to fly to and from, if you possibly can. Often, flights to or from less busy airports go hand in hand with a cheaper flight price, so it’s always a good to consider other airports before you book. Often, a few more miles to travel can save you a great deal of money, so it’s worth doing plenty of research beforehand.

4) Look Out for Flight Sales

Most leading airline operators conduct regular ‘flight sales’, whereby they’ll sell off certain flights for rock-bottom prices. Keep your eye out for these as a great way to save the pennies on flights, particularly if you’re not restricted to a date or destination, as you can bag yourself quite a bargain.

5) Book Online

With most airlines, you’ll be charged an additional fee for simply booking your flights through a telephone operator. Side step these unnecessary fees by booking online; you’ll clinch the best deal, and avoid having to fork out for unnecessary admin costs.

6) Avoid Any Unwanted Extras

Some cheeky airlines, particularly those within the budget sector, will ‘auto-tick’ additional options to add to your basket when booking a flight. These are most commonly insurance packages, so keep your eyes peeled to save the dosh. Insurance deals can often be found cheaper elsewhere on the web, so make sure you keep your eye out and uncheck any additional costs that are automatically added to your flight deal.

7) Choose Your Card Wisely

Most airlines will carry a charge depending on what type of credit or debit card you intend to pay with. Do some research before you book and check out which card carries the cheapest charge. Often, a credit card will be more expensive than a debit or ‘Visa Electron’ alternative; so, if possible, try to choose the cheapest payment option to get the cheapest deal possible.

8) Hand Luggage is Key

With budget airlines, you’ll more often than not be charged for any luggage you wish to check-in. You will, however, usually be allocated a standardised hand-luggage size to take on board at no additional charge, so take full advantage! If it’s a short trip, leave the hold luggage at home at try to take everything you need in your hand luggage. If needs be, wear your heaviest/thickest items of clothing. Although this may mean you’re a little warm when travelling, it’ll certainly save a large dent in your wallet.

9) Check-In Online

Avoid any unwanted airport fees by checking in online before your flight, and always remember to print your boarding cards where applicable. This could save you from any unwelcome additional admin costs at the airport, as well as often saving you time in the queue when checking-in any hold luggage.

10) Save Money On-Flight

While it’s all well and good doing what you can to save money pre-flight, all your hard work can go down the pan if you don’t take care when on-flight. To save some extra dosh, take your own drinks or food on the flight, which you can purchase in the airport departures terminal. This can save you some hefty charges on-board, and save you pennies to spend at your destination.