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Jamaica tourism minister Bartlett honoured with Gusi Prize

Jamaica tourism minister Bartlett honoured with Gusi Prize

Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism for Jamaica, has been awarded the prestigious Gusi Peace prize from the Gusi Foundation of Manila, Philippines.

“I’m greatly honoured to be considered by the esteemed Gusi Foundation in this critical period of global history.

“Certainly, our work with regards to tourism and global resilience has made a mark.

“I think Jamaica, and certainly all of us who have been in the tourism management business in the island, can feel justly proud that we are being considered and our work is recognised well beyond our shores,” said Minister Bartlett.

The Gusi Foundation is a charitable organisation, whose main objective is “to give proper recognition, through the conferment of awards of excellence and distinction, to individuals or groups worldwide who have distinguished themselves as brilliant exemplars of society”.


Specifically, the organisers have noted that these individuals or groups must make exemplary contributions to peace and human rights, in scientific discoveries, politics, academe, performing arts, literature, medicine or physiology, journalism, humanities, physics, chemistry, religion, business and philanthropy, economics and internationalism.

The award is named after the late captain Gemeniano Javier Gusi, a World War II veteran who fought against Japanese oppression and became a popular active advocate of human rights.

“I am pleased to accept this award, though virtually, and it is my hope that I will be able to go next to receive it physically in Manilla.

On behalf of all of us, this is indeed a very humbling but significant moment in my life and certainly for all of us in tourism,” said the minister.

Bartlett joins distinguished past laureates such as Jamaican veteran advertiser and diplomat Arnold Foote Jr, who received the honour in 2010; Isaias Salas Hererra of Costa Rica who received the award in 2016; Jamaican businessman, Lascelles Chin, awarded in 2017 and Jamaican humanitarian, Father Richard Ryan Ho Lung, awarded in 2011.