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JAL Group Revises FY2022 Winter Schedule Plans on Domestic Network

JAL Group has decided on flight plan for domestic routes for the fiscal 2022 winter timetable (October 30,
2022 - March 25, 2023).
As part of the JAL Group’s ESG strategy of upgrading to fuel-efficient aircraft, improving flight operations, and utilizing SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), we will extend the planned flight time on flights departing from Tokyo Haneda by 5 minutes longer than before in order to expand opportunities(*1) to operate at altitudes where fuel consumption can be reduced.
In addition, A350-900, which will expand its operations starting with the winter time schedule, and by operating new fuel-efficient and low-noise aircraft such as the Airbus A350-900 and the ATR42-600, we will make steady progress toward achieving our goal of “virtually zero CO2 emissions by 2050”.

We will make decisions on flight reductions due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection based on future demand trends and will make further announcements as they become available.

◆ JAL will increase flight frequency between Osaka Itami=Kagoshima route and between Osaka
Itami=Sapporo New Chitose route during peak periods.
◆ Japan Transocean Air (JTA) will increase flights on its Fukuoka=Okinawa Naha route, Japan Air Commuter (JAC) on its Kagoshima route, and Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC) on its Ishigaki=Yonaguni route.
◆ JAL First Class service will newly begin on Tokyo Haneda=Hiroshima and Kagoshima routes.(*2)
◆ As part of our code-sharing program with Oriental Air Bridge (ORC), we will start a new code-sharing
program with ORC on the 5 routes of Nagasaki, Goto Fukue, Tsushima, Fukuoka,Tsushima, Goto Fukue
will be sold as a JAL flight from August 30.

The JAL Group will continue to provide safe and secure travel experience by enhancing customer convenience and working with customers to create a clean and hygienic environment at airports and onboard aircraft.

(*1) By ensuring flexibility in altitude and speed selection for operational efficiency, fuel consumption per flight
can be reduced.
(*2) “JAL First Class Service” will be provided on some flights. Some services will not be provided at Hiroshima and Kagoshima airports.