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Introducing Chakra Blessing treatments at the Spa Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Introducing Chakra Blessing treatments at the Spa Four Seasons Chiang Mai

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is introducing two new Chakra Blessing treatments, created especially for the Spa by ila. The ila products, 100 percent natural and free of man-made chemicals, contain a rare level of energy achieved by sourcing directly from the local producers who farm and harvest the raw ingredients in harmony with nature. The ingredients are carefully chosen according to their inherent capacity for positive energy, purity and life force, as well as their healing properties.

Ingredients used in the new treatments include damascene rose, harvested from a single source in the foothills of the Himalayas; argan oil, wild-grown and cold-pressed from the fruits of ancient indigenous argan trees; and Himalayan salt crystals, formed 250 million years ago and mined from deep within the mountains.

The Chakra Blessings aim to create and hold a healing space in which guests are able to reconnect with their essential selves and the true source of healing and bliss. By using pure ingredients and time-honoured techniques that address mind, body and soul, along with highly skilled, aware and caring therapists, the Chakra Blessings treatments are able to facilitate deeply healing experiences to guests.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. The body’s seven main chakras each sit at the intersection of the vital energy channels that run along the spinal column. Governing the spread of physical energy throughout the body, the chakras also govern the circulation of the astral, emotional and spiritual energy that flows within. Each chakra is often described as the petals of a lotus, ranging from two petals in the first (root) chakra to one thousand in the seventh (crown) chakra. When the chakras are cleansed and balanced, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are able to function at their optimum levels.

The two new Chakra Blessings focus on the fire chakra and the heart chakra:


Fire Chakra - “Radiant Beauty”

Also known as manipura in Sanskrit, the navel - or fire - chakra is located in the solar plexus. It is the centre of health and vitality, and governs capacity to grow and develop. Connected to inner strength, sense of purpose and self-confidence, manipura means beautiful, shining jewel in Sanskrit. When it is open and balanced, the body shines from within. This elevating treatment floods the body with vital energy and inner warmth. An energising and detoxifying foot and body scrub using Himalayan salt stimulates and cleanses the lymphatic system, whilst a Bio-Energy Mud Wrap recharges the body’s magnetic fields with negative ions and greatly strengthens the vitality of manipura. An energising bath using fresh homegrown kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and lime slices helps to rejuvenate the body. A manipura massage using Vital Energy Oil activates the body’s internal fire, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system to restore inner radiance, positive feelings, renew strength and health, and leave the skin brilliantly lustrous.

120 minutes.

Heart Chakra – “Unfathomable Peace”

Known as anahata in Sanskrit, the heart chakra is the centre of unconditional love and governs compassion and forgiveness, generosity and wellbeing. Balancing this chakra is important for the circulatory system, heart and thymus. It also helps fend off disease, and nurtures spiritual love and devotion. Healing the heart chakra can provide relief from limits and fears. The gentle combination of a Himalayan salt foot wash, with jasmine and rose essential oils, and a Himalayan salt and poppy seed scrub draws out toxins and releases tension. A dreamy and relaxing soak in a rose and tuberose bath creates a sense of serenity. An anahata massage and heart work use rose oil and warmed rose quartz to focus on the lymphatic system, gently reconnecting the body and mind to inner peace and stillness, and restoring equilibrium.

150 minutes.

In addition to the Chakra Blessings, the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is also introducing a range of additional treatments using ila products.

Inner Glow Facial

A healing and reviving facial treatment that brings deep feelings of bliss and peace, as well as radiant skin. Working on the marma points of the face and neck to remove blockages, the Inner Glow Facial stimulates the flow of energy to relieve stress and tension. Delicate techniques open the energy centres and work with the body’s blissful higher energy to bring about feelings of deep peace and beautifully glowing skin.

60 minutes.

Restorative Back Massage

Kundalini, the female goddess of awareness believed to take the form of a coiled snake, is the dormant energy in the base of the spine. When awakened, this energy travels up the spine to the third eye, increasing energy and spiritual enlightenment. This back massage uses a blend of neroli, cardamom, jasmine and patchouli essential oils, combined with ancient massage techniques, chakra healing and Himalayan salt and herb poultices, to deeply sooth, relax and balance the whole of the body’s nervous system.

90 minutes.

Fire Chakra Massage

Also known as the Manipura Massage, manipura meaning beautiful jewel in Sanskrit, this massage focuses on the solar plexus (navel) chakra, the centre of the body’s fire and sun energy that ignites health and restores vitality. The treatment begins with a Himalayan Salt Scrub to purify the physical and subtle bodies, and is followed by a full-body marma massage, lymphatic drainage, and the application of Himalayan salt and herb poultices to harness and restore vitality, and facilitate a positive flow of energy.

90 minutes.

Body Scrub for Energising and Detoxifying

Using the ionising properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this body scrub is the ideal treatment for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. On a physical level, it stimulates circulation and toxin elimination; on a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields, leaving mind, body and spirit uplifted. Ideal in combination with any of the ila massages.

60 minutes.

Body Scrub for a Blissful Experience

Using the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this body scrub is ideal for times when special pampering is needed. Nourishing both bodily and emotional wellbeing, it restores and relaxes the nervous system, leaving the skin glowing and the body infused with a sense of enhanced wellbeing. Recommended for both a daily boost and for deeper health issues.

60 minutes.

Bio-Energy Body Wrap

An energising and detoxifying body scrub, intensified by the addition of a mud wrap, drawing deeper toxins from the cells. Powerful and revitalising for both the skin and lymphatic system, this wrap can promote profound healing in the energy body.

90 minutes.

Bio-Rhythm Treatment

The perfect jetlag recovery treatment, the Bio-Rhythm Treatment aims to rebalance the body’s natural bio-rhythms and deeply relax the nervous system. A mineral-rich Energy Scrub and Bio-energy Mud Wrap help to charge and restore the body’s bio-magnetic energy field through the release of negative ions. A Kundalini Back Massage using warm poultices and chakra-balancing techniques follows to relax and balance the nervous system. The ritual concludes with a gentle rose oil marma point facial massage to stimulate the flow of energy.

120 minutes.