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Iberia signs deal with Amadeus Ancillary Services

Iberia signs deal with Amadeus Ancillary Services

Spanish largest air transport group Iberia has adopted Amadeus Ancillary Services to distribute its ancillary programme to travel agencies.

The solution is launching in Spain where travel agents can now offer advanced seat selection to their customers.

The new service enables travellers to book their preferred seat prior to the check-in process - when seats are generally assigned – and includes an option to choose preferential seats such as those in the exit row.

The Amadeus ancillary solution is also integrated across Iberia’s call centre and sales offices so that customers can be consistently served across these channels.

“By adopting the Amadeus solution we now have the technology structure that will enable us to execute our ancillary services strategy in the long-term,” said José Arribas, head of commercial logistics, Iberia.

“We have worked with Amadeus for some months to bring this technology to our travel agencies so that they can offer our services to their customers and reinforce their role as travel consultants.

“This is yet another proof point of our commitment to work with our travel agency partners.”

Travel agencies in Spain are now able to book the advanced seat selection option with the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) industry standard.

The electronic messaging tool facilitates the issuance, management, distribution and fulfilment of the ancillary services.

As with the electronic ticket in 2007, the EMD is part of the e-Services IATA initiative to eliminate the use of paper and ease processes.

Amadeus has integrated a unique interactive catalogue in its travel agency selling platform which clearly displays the range of airline optional services available.

In this way, the travel agent can view, book and up-sell ancillary services quickly and efficiently.

The content of the catalogue – the service and its description – is controlled by the airline, which will use this space to differentiate its offer.

“Our ancillary solution enables airlines to merchandise their services to travel agencies as they would do through other sales channels, but also to generate additional revenue by making the booking process as efficient and straightforward for the travel agent to use,” concluded David Doctor, director distribution marketing, Amadeus.