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Hungary repeals all Covid-19 travel restrictions

Hungary repeals all Covid-19 travel restrictions

Hungary has phased out almost all Covid-19-related restrictions.

In relation to tourism, this means a return to pre-pandemic entry rules, as well unrestricted access to and use of accommodation and attractions.

There is also now no mandatory use of masks.

Travellers can enter Hungary without the need for any vaccination or immunity certificate or any type of tests.

At the same time, vaccination certificates are no longer required to access indoor congresses or conferences, accommodations and spas, or outdoor events of any type.


The government decree, which has now been repealed, introduced the border closure and temporarily reinstated border controls from the beginning of September 2020.

Land and water borders have been open without restriction since June last to those entering from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia.

This was later extended to Ukraine, but until now air arrivals were subject to restrictions, including a PCR test.