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Healthy Aussie dollar lures business travellers overseas

Healthy Aussie dollar lures business travellers overseas

MORE corporate travellers are likely to travel overseas on business if the Australian dollar is stronger, an FCm Travel Solutions poll has found.

Conducted during December 2009 when the Aussie dollar was hovering around 0.90 cents against the greenback, the poll asked respondents if the health of the Aussie dollar influenced their travel plans.


Fifty-six per cent or 92 respondents said they were more likely to head overseas on business when the dollar was in a strong position.



Forty-four per cent or 71 of the 163 business travellers who took part in the poll said they would travel overseas regardless of the health of the Aussie dollar.


FCm Travel Solutions national marketing manager Chris Preston said the results mirrored current trends in the corporate travel industry which showed a gradual increase in travel volumes on the back of the rising Aussie dollar and improved economic conditions.


“The strength of the Aussie dollar against the greenback or British pound means corporate travellers don’t have to exchange nearly as many Aussie dollars for spending when they arrive. This makes overseas travel much more appealing financially,” Mr Preston said.


“When combined with the great value Business Class fares currently available, the favourable exchange rate means businesses can stretch their travel budgets further and get more value for money out of their travel.”