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Greece Tourism Minister Unfolds New Strategy for 2023

Greece Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias has introduced a new specific strategy for 2023 after mentioning the country’s success in the tourism sector for this year.

In this regard, the Minister stressed that the Hellenic Republic is currently a top destination ready for the next steps,
“It is obvious that Greece exceeds all expectations in terms of its tourism product for 2022. The country is the ultimate summer – and not only – a destination for every traveller as it offers unique experiences to those who visit it,” Kikilias pointed out in this regard.

He stressed that despite the profound adversities caused by the war in Europe, the energy crisis, inflation, the current pandemic situation, and the Greek-Turkish relations, the Hellenic Republic has succeeded.

The Minister also mentioned the significant increase in travel revenue in June this year, compared to 2019 figures, adding that the arrivals at the Greek airports increased by a total of 12 per cent in comparison to the pre-pandemic levels. He also mentioned the increase in the number of arrivals in the Southeast Aegean Islands registered in the first week of August, which suppressed all the expectations, surging by 17 per cent from 2019.