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Grandhotel Lienz unveils symbio care weight loss programme

Grandhotel Lienz unveils symbio care weight loss programme

Guests at the Grandhotel Lienz in Austria are being invited to participate in a unique weight loss programme that combines exercise, spa treatments, healthy food and a follow up programme.

The 1,400m2 (12600 sq ft.) wellness center at Grandhotel Lienz offers a great variety of treatments including cosmetic, massages, two sauna, two steam bathes, special saunas plus a number of specials. These include Cellocosmet – Cellmen; Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony; Lomi-Lomi-Nui; and East Tyrol Mountain Honey Massage. 

A separate Medical Wellness Center is available for a diverse range of check-ups, precautionary programmes, and therapies under medical assistance.

Dr. Peter Lechleitner, the head of the Medical Center, has developed a seven-day plan for guests who are looking to get fit and lose weight.

The programme includes exercise such as swimming and walking, as well as body scrubs and specialised massages, a carefully prepared menu by famous Chef Christian Flaschberger, and warm and friendly service to ensure an ambience of well being.
The programme offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and activities of East Tyrol from a five Star Preferred Boutique Hotel and treat their bodies to better health and a better look.


Participants will continue to receive emaisl from Univ. Prof. Lechleitner with advice on how to benefit from the programme long after their departure from the Grandhotel Lienz.

The Grandhotel Lienz is operated as a family hotel by the Westreicher and Simonitsch families. The hotel, which opened in 2009, features 72 bedrooms, some with separate children’s rooms, and four Royal Suites with fantastic views overlooking the Dolomite Mountains of Lienz and the 3,000m mountains of the ‘Schobergruppe’.