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Globetrotting children of today have been abroad four times by the age of 10

Globetrotting children of today have been abroad four times by the age of 10

Globetrotting children of today will have been abroad four times by the age of 10, it was revealed yesterday.

Research shows the most common holiday destinations for kids today include Spain, France and Greece.

In contrast, 65 per cent of children of 30 years ago hadn’t been on holiday abroad at all by 10 years of age, and were more likely to have one holiday beside the British seaside.

The study of 3,000 Brits shows children of the seventies and eighties wouldn’t have jetted off abroad until the age of 13 – compared to tots today travelling by plane at just four years and nine months.

Victoria Sanders, managing director, Teletext Holidays, which commissioned the research said: “There has been a definite shift in the ways parents approach holidays these days.


“The rise of package holidays in the seventies and eighties, the big holiday discounts of the 1990s and the increasing choice of holiday destinations and quality hotels means it’s become much more affordable - and the norm - to travel as a family.

“Parents are becoming more adventurous than ever before, thinking nothing of travelling with pushchairs, toys and car seats.

“But 30 years ago it was more likely that Brits would pack up the car with tents and camping equipment for a seaside holiday by the coast - or if they were being adventurous get on a ferry to France.”

The findings show that in the past, a holiday in a caravan or static home would have been the most likely option for holidaymakers, but now folk are more likely to opt for the comfort of a hotel.

Three quarters of people polled don’t think their parents even considered taking them abroad when they were younger.

While 81 per cent say everyone they knew went camping or caravanning in the UK when they were growing up, so they weren’t out of the norm.

But despite staying on home soil, 77 per cent of adults look back on their holidays with fond memories.

Half of those parents polled say they are much more likely to take their children across the seas for the annual holidays.

Ironically a third took the grandparents along too the first time they took their little children away on an aeroplane.

Eight in 10 parents believe folk are much more adventurous and less nervous about travelling round the globe with their children in tow.

And 41 per cent would think nothing of stepping on to an aeroplane with a baby who was only a few months old.

In particular, nine in 10 parents believe that holiday resorts are generally friendlier these days, and make it easier to travel abroad with children.

A third of modern day parents say they wouldn’t feel as though they had given their kids a proper holiday if they didn’t take them abroad, but most importantly, 91 per cent of parents just want their children to look back and remember their summer holidays fondly.

Victoria Sanders, Teletext Holidays, continues: “There has been a definite swing back to package holidays over the last three years since the beginning of the economic downturn.

“A decade ago they fell out of fashion in favour of “DIY” holidays - with people matching low cost flights with hotels - but parents travelling with young children don’t want to take any risks and now realise the value and security of a package holidays.”

THEN                       NOW
1.    Cornwall                   Spain
2.    Devon                       France
3.    Wales                       Cornwall
4.    Scotland                     Devon
5.    Dorset                       Greece