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Gatwick Airport welcomes WetstJet transatlantic flights

Gatwick Airport welcomes WetstJet transatlantic flights

Gatwick Airport and WestJet have announced they have reached an agreement and the airline will launch flights between London and Canada next year as the low-cost long haul revolution continues.

This will further open up the market between North America and London and provide cost effective access to cities in Canada for British business and leisure travellers and will allow many Canadians new opportunities to visit Britain, all with WestJet’s low fares.

Since its launch in 1996, WestJet has been a leader in affordable leisure and business travel and will now add London to its list of routes.

Access to WestJet’s connections across Canada are an important consideration for Gatwick travellers.

It is also further illustration that the aviation industry is changing fast and clearly shows where new runway capacity is needed most.


Gatwick Airport chief executive Stewart Wingate said: “WestJet’s announcement that it will connect Canada and London is further illustration that the growth of low cost long haul will continue to be a game-changer, increasing competition and services for passengers.

“As we near a recommendation on where the UK’s next runway should be built, it is clear that expansion must encourage the growth of this sector as it becomes more and more prominent in the market.

“Gatwick’s expansion plan is more flexible, and will be available to all airlines and service all routes including the low cost long haul sector – it would effectively future proof the UK’s aviation market.”

The increase in demand for non-stop travel and the continuing growth of the low cost long haul market are all significant factors in why Gatwick expansion is the option that best meets the UK’s aviation needs.

WestJet chief executive Gregg Saretsky said: “London Gatwick is the ideal airport for our first transatlantic wide-body destination.

“WestJet needs more well-managed and efficient airports like Gatwick to continue to offer the best fares available for our guests.

“As we look at more international destinations as part of our growth strategy, we will look to airports who share our passion for efficient, low-cost travel combined with a remarkable guest experience.

“We look forward to, this summer, announcing our entire wide-body schedule and low fares for the spring of 2016.”