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Free ‘101 Tips for Women Travelers’ booklet by Harriet Lewis now available

Free ‘101 Tips for Women Travelers’ booklet by Harriet Lewis now available

Traveling solo and feeling a bit self-conscious about eating alone? Grab a stool at the bar – and order your meal there.  The bartender will usually try to make you feel at home, strike up a conversation, and often engage others at the counter to join in.  This tip, #59, is just one of 101 helpful travel tips in a free new booklet, “101 Tips for Women Travelers,” by Harriet Lewis, global traveler and vice chair of Grand Circle Corporation, which provides international vacations to Americans over 50 through its brands Overseas Adventure Travel, Grand Circle Cruise Line, and Grand Circle Travel.

101 Tips for Women is chock-full of unique and practical tips to make travel easy, enriching, and fun. It’s another resource designed to offer the industry’s best service and value to female travelers, including those traveling solo.  Last year, 70,000 of Grand Circle’s 110,000 travelers were women, with 27,000 of them traveling as solos.  “By the time women turn 60, most of us have raised children, juggled family and career, and worked hard to keep everyone—spouse, kids, and boss happy.  Now, it’s our time, and many of us are choosing to travel.  We’re on a quest to learn, engage, and have fun.”

Harriet knows what she’s talking about – she has traveled to more than 100 countries in her lifetime to date, and many more are on her bucket list, yet to visit.  “Women travel differently than men do, and this book, compiled with tips from our female travelers, staff, and guides, offers both the novice and seasoned female traveler innovative ways to get the ease of travel, cultural interaction, and insider’s perspective they seek when they head overseas.”

“101 Tips for Women Travelers” is a 126-page, 5"x7” booklet designed to fit in a woman’s purse. Tips featured include ideas on trip preparation, packing, money transportation, health, beauty, security and safety, traveling solo, etiquette and more. There’s a handy reference section with a foreign phrase guide, international size chart, time zones, packing essentials and more. Chapter headings inspire with ancedotes about some of history’s most remarkable women travelers, such as the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra and Amelia Earhart in addition to less well-known but equally fascinating travelers throughout history.