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Four Seasons introduces the eternal beauty of Prague

Four Seasons introduces the eternal beauty of Prague

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Four Seasons Hotel Prague celebrates the eternity and beauty of Prague, where history meets contemporary, through all the senses. Those will be awakened to the fullest through a time-limited stay package, one-of–a-kind amenities, unique dining under the stars, pampering at the AVA Spa and the Hotel’s top 10 tips on how to indulge in the beauty of Prague.

Rooms with the Views
As part of the celebrations, the Hotel is launching a special Eternal Beauty package including accommodations in a Premier River room, limousine transfer, breakfast and limited-edition anniversary amenities: a signature Hotel fragrance and a vinyl recording with a modern remake of a Czech classic – Vltava by Bedrich Smetana. The rooms included in the package offer unparalleled views of the Prague Castle and Vltava River.

It’s All About the Scent
A perfume can tell a story. The Eternal Beauty room fragrance guides guests through the beautiful Czech green forests, blossoming meadows and lush gardens. Notes of oak, violet, rose and ripe plum are based on clean powder tones. When back at home, the scent will connect guests with cherished memories of their stay in Prague.

Spinning the Wheel of Time
The Hotel is offering an opportunity to travel through time with one of the most iconic classical melodies, Vltava (The Moldau). Newly recorded with a modern twist by Czech pianist and composer Tomas Kaco, Vltava flows with today’s beat. Produced to celebrate the Hotel s 20th anniversary, this limited-edition Eternal Beauty of Vltava vinyl amenity will stay imprinted in guests’ memories.

“Prague is truly enchanting, and Vltava is not just a river. It is a stream of lively memories, which are deeply engraved in my soul. It was an immense honour for me to revisit this musical gem with my own refreshing touch,” says Tomas Kaco.


In addition to the package, guests can also tickle their senses with unique gourmet experiences and a newly created treatment at the Hotel spa. Hotel terraces take dining experiences to new heights through the immersive flavours fashioned by Executive Chef Marco Veneruso – with a side of timeless views of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. The Eternal Beauty 120-minute comprehensive treatment performed in the elegant and tranquil AVA Spa uses healing energies of crystals and stones to work their magic on the face, body and soul.

Top 10 Eternal Experiences

“Prague is a feast for the senses and there are a thousand different ways to discover its extraordinary charm. From fairytale architecture and regal parks to diverse café culture, modern galleries, progressive fashion and exciting music venues, our concierge team has compiled a detailed list of 10 unforgettable experiences designed to help guests fully immerse in the city’s beauty,” says Martin Dell, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Prague.

  Ahoy from Prague - They say life is a beach, but when in Prague, life is a boat. A romantic ride aboard the charming Four Seasons Hotel Prague boat allows guests to discover the city from a new perspective and to marvel over the centuries-old banks of the Vltava River. Best enjoyed with a glass of prosecco.
  Walk Through History - The streets of the Golden City are paved with a unique blend of architectural styles. From mysterious Gothic churches, exquisite baroque palaces and grand Art Nouveau townhouses to distinct Cubist villas and modern galleries, a walk around Prague is truly inspirational.
  But First, Coffee - Prague’s thriving café culture originated in the second half of the 19th century and today, more than a hundred years later, there is always a delicious cup of coffee just a few steps away.
  Glass-tastic - Traditional handmade Czech crystal and glassworks are well-known all around the world and guests will have the unique opportunity to meet and interact with the craftspeople, witness the magic of mouth-blowing and glass engraving, see the painter’s studio and even create their own glass artwork.
  Blissful Gardens - With a variety of landscaping styles and botanical wonders, the six gardens below Prague Castle offer an exciting adventure for all nature admirers who can get lost in a hedge maze, rest under majestic trees and become enchanted by the scent of blossoming roses.
  Meet Your Muse - Does art imitate life, or is it the other way around? Guests don’t have to venture far to find the answer. The Hotel is decorated with wonderful paintings and statues by famous Czech artists. From works created by Old Masters at the National Gallery to the biggest names on the Czech scene showcased at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague is home to true visual masterpieces that will leave an everlasting mark on everyone.
  Follow the Sounds - Europe’s vibrant heart has inspired musical composers for centuries. From classical masterpieces performed in grand halls to glamorous nightclubs or fashionable parties, the Hotel team can plan a tailor-made evening filled with music.
  Mission Fashion - Fashion-minded guests can embark on a stylish hunt and find themselves a unique addition to their wardrobe during a visit to the boutiques of talented local up-and-comers or an afternoon full of shopping at the ateliers of renowned Czech designers.
  Points of View - Looking at Prague’s vistas never gets old. Even the locals are taken by its beauty every day. The Hotel has compiled a list of places that provide the best views of the city, including the recommended times of day to visit.
  Dine Like a Local - The variety and quality of restaurants in Prague is beyond compare – combining old and new – and transforming seemingly common ingredients into elevated culinary experiences.