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Four Seasons Hotel Baku prioritizes Global Wellness Day

Four Seasons Hotel Baku prioritizes Global Wellness Day

Founded in 2011 in Turkey by Belgin Aksoy, Global Wellness Day is a social movement without any commercial purpose, celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide on the second Saturday of June.

This year the motto of Global Wellness Day is “Stop, breathe and smile,” which requires full mental presence in the now, just like all the below mentioned personal recommendations from the team at Four Seasons Hotel Baku.

In today’s world full of uncertainty, it can be quite a challenge to remain calm and mindful as well as release the desire to overthink about things that are out of our control. Four Seasons Hotel Baku encourages everyone to be mindful of both physical and mental health and make a significant difference in the quality of our daily lives with very easy steps.

“For me personally, face-to-face communication with my family significantly reduces the anxiety that can easily become a very common feeling nowadays, considering the hectic lifestyle many of us live in and the never ending flow of different kinds of news from every possible source. To leave my phone aside and just be physically present with my loved ones always gives me a strong emotional support and fuel to go through everyday life’s challenges,” says the General Manager of the Hotel, Bob Suri.

“It is no surprise that I am in the industry of food and beverage. Cooking has always been my passion and something that made me feel calm, satisfied and energized at the same time. It helps me exercise my creativity, trains my patience and gives me a strong feeling of accomplishment,” says Renato Rizzi, the Executive Chef of the Hotel.


Laman Aghazada, the Director of Marketing, is known in her team as someone who enjoys swimming and finds this activity in particular as one of the most useful and fulfilling ones, both physically and mentally. “It is no secret that physical activities release endorphins in our brains - the hormones that make us feel good. In my case swimming is the activity that gives a healthy boost to my body and a very therapeutic feeling to my soul at the same time.”

The Hotel’s Director of Rooms Fariz Hajiyev thinks that spending time connecting with nature has unlimited benefits for both physical and psychological well­being. “Nature is mesmerizing to me and I believe it has the power of healing. Whenever I feel the need to recharge, the best possible way for me is to go somewhere quiet, where I can enjoy just being one-on-one with nature. Coming back home afterwards, I feel like a completely new person.”

“I have journaled since early childhood. Whenever I fall into anxious emotions, it is extremely important for me to put them into words and release them on paper. This activity allows me to get new insights and perceptions about the experiences I am going through, understand my feelings better and empty the space in my head from thoughts that do not serve me. But it is also crucial to remember to write about positive events too as it creates a beautiful sensation of gratitude in our soul that instantly removes anxiety as those two cannot co-exist,” says the Public Relations Manager of the Hotel, Leila Aliyeva.

“In my case the most effective stress reliever is music,” says the Food & Beverage Manager of the Hotel, Ahmet Bakar. “Listening to at least one of my favourite songs or melodies can bring me back to peace whenever I am on the edge. What is beautiful about music is that it can affect us in such different ways: if we’re too energized, music can help us calm down and fall asleep, or on the contrary, boost our mood so much that we will dance non-stop even if a second ago we were tired. Music is magic.”

“Travelling is truly a nourishing experience for me. Every place I visit, be it in my own country or outside of it, helps me look at things from completely new different perspectives. We all feel that we need a break sometimes and that’s when I know it’s time for me to pack and become a wandering tourist for few days,” says Vusal Isagov, Chief Concierge of the Hotel.

Prior the occasion celebrated on June 11, 2022, guests of Four Seasons Hotel Baku were invited to participate in a complimentary morning yoga session on the open air at Eyvan Terrace, followed by a relaxing meditation. The mixologists of the Hotel prepared smoothies and fresh juices to boost energy of the guests after the session was over. The movement was supported with traditional pink paddles with “I Say Yes to Wellness” quote and of course, positive vibes and dedication to the cause.