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Foreign & Commonwealth Office withdraws Thai travel warning

Foreign & Commonwealth Office withdraws Thai travel warning

While still advising “caution” while travelling to Thailand, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is no longer advising against “all but essential” travel to the country.

Bangkok and many of the surrounding areas are still experiencing flooding, with as many as 530 deaths reported as a result. 

Some 22 provinces in Thailand across the north of the country continue to battle heavy rains, while there is still a large volume of flood water moving from the north passing through Bangkok, and to the east and west of the city, to reach the Gulf of Thailand.

This flood water is being contained by a series of barriers, dykes and canals and has flooded outlying districts to the north (including Chatuchak), east and west of central Bangkok, according to the FCO.

Some of the flood defences have been breached and the authorities have put in place measures to deal with these breaches.

“We now assess that the risk of floods affecting central Bangkok is reducing, though a small risk remains that some of the floodwater affecting the suburbs to the north, east and west of Bangkok could spread slowly towards the centre of the city,” explained a statement from the FCO.

“This risk will diminish as more floodwater drains into the sea.

“We continue to monitor the situation and update this Travel Advice on a regular basis.”

Flooding has caused transport, electricity and water supply disruption.