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Flight MH370 relatives clash with police in Beijing

Flight MH370 relatives clash with police in Beijing

Relatives of passengers on board the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have clashes with police outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

The scenes follow an announcement from Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak that the flight came down in the remote south Indian Ocean west of Australia.

The news was revealed yesterday following analysis of satellite data from the aircraft by British firm Inmarsat.

The aircraft disappeared on March 8th with 239 people on board, sparking a massive search involving as many as 26 nations.

Some 153 of those on board the plane were Chinese nationals, with China having also asked to see the data on which the Malaysian government’s conclusion is based.

Relatives of this group took to the streets in order to protest at the lack of information, scenes which are very rate in tightly controlled Beijing.

Many agues Malaysian authorities have been duplicitous with information and are demanding answers. 

Protesters threw water bottles at the embassy and tried to storm the building, demanding to meet the ambassador.

Over the Indian Ocean the search for the plane has been suspended due to bad weather.