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Finland launches Nature Days 2017 campaign

Finland launches Nature Days 2017 campaign

The Nature Days 2017 campaign - one of the most extensive Suomi Finland100 celebrations - has launched in Finland.

The campaign encourages people to explore the great outdoors on four designated days throughout the year – February 4th, May 20th, June 17th and August 26th.

On each Nature Day, dozens of events will be organised throughout Finland.

The events will give visitors the opportunity to experience the world’s largest skiing school, sample wild herb delicacies in a traditional lean-to shelter, spend a summer night sleeping outdoors, learn to identify wild flowers and listen to choir concerts in all national parks.

On June 17th, the country’s 40th national park, Hossa, will be inaugurated.


The Nature Days campaign encourages people to visit Finland to enjoy the celebrations of nature.

This may be in the form of an exciting adventure, or a new experience in an outdoor setting.

Nature Days have inspired a huge number of organisations to come up with ideas for celebrating nature.

The 50 organisations involved in arranging events have a cumulative total of 1.5 million members.

The ideas for the events have been generated at dozens of workshops across Finland to encourage visitors to celebrate nature.

“We have good reason to be confident that we can attract lots of visitors from the UK to Finland to experience the great outdoors.

“These pre-organised and independent events provide an opportunity to celebrate nature together for play, exercise, experiences, recreation and cultural inspiration, as well as a source of culinary enjoyment,” said project manager, Joel Heino.

As well as generating buzz in Finland, the Nature Days campaign has attracted international interest.

“One of Finland’s main attractions is its unique and natural beauty.

“The Nature Days showcase the wonderful diverse seasons and Finland’s splendour throughout the year.

“To celebrate Finland 100 this year will also see the naming of Finland’s 40th National Park, Hossa, providing visitors with yet another reason to explore the Finnish outdoors,” said project manager Outdoors Finland, Leena Yli-Piipari.

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