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FCm Travel Solutions launches Clientbank Cloud

FCm Travel Solutions launches Clientbank Cloud

FCm Travel Solutions has launched a new cloud-based reporting platform that allows clients to build their own reports and more deeply analyse their travel data using third party sources.

Clientbank Cloud is a scalable reporting solution that draws on third party intelligence and gives FCm access to external travel, non-travel and expense data for cross platform analytics.

The tool will be an add-on functionality to FCm’s current Clientbank global reporting system.

Available for customers looking for reporting capabilities outside of the existing Clientbank reporting suite, Clientbank Cloud allows clients to produce customised dashboards and reports themselves, creating opportunity for new types of travel analysis.

Hundreds of reports are available via Clientbank Cloud for clients to analyse their supplier management contracts, traveller behaviour or carbon footprint.

Clients can choose to use these reports, modify them for their own needs, or create their own reports and dashboards.

FCm’s global technology leader John Morhous said Clientbank Cloud was an exciting development for FCm, with the new tool delivering unique reporting functionality.

“This technology provides clients with a platform to perform ‘big data’ style analytics for multiple areas in addition to the standard travel data available for expense management, traveller profiles, travel risk management, buying behaviour, gamification, open bookings, carbon offsetting, credit card activity – essentially any third party data that can be related to travel,” Morhous said.

“To support this we’ve developed a data ‘connector’ functionality that draws on intelligence from a range of third party (or external) sources, which are fully managed by FCm.

“This simplifies the process of integrating data and allows FCm to provide expert analysis.

“Launch partners with the programme include iJET International as part of the FCm Secure offering, BMO Financial Group, Concur, and tClara that provides traveller friction statistics.

“Once a customer is connected this data is combined with the standard travel reporting already produced within the Clientbank reporting platform to allow completely new dimensions of analysis,” Morhous said.

“More external suppliers will be added to Clientbank Cloud based on customer needs.

“In addition, we’ve created a new user interface for Clientbank Cloud, which is accessible via the web or mobile devices for clients that want to use it on the go.

“The interface is also embeddable, so clients can take their reports and dashboard and easily embed them on internally used platforms, such as Sharepoint, Lotus Notes, SAP Portal, Drupal, Salesforce – essentially anything that allows HTML iFrames.”