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Experience world’s largest escape room at Hilton Orlando

Experience world’s largest escape room at Hilton Orlando

Break into one of the largest spy operations in the world and uncover the secret base of the head spy by visiting the world’s largest and tallest escape room experience with Escape at Hilton Orlando. This unique escape experience is unlike any traditional escape room to date, as the entire Hilton Orlando resort is transformed into an immersive mission of complex clues, challenges, augmented reality, and surprise and delight moments by way of an innovative app.

The first of its kind, Escape at Hilton Orlando immerses visitors in a virtual world of intrigue as participants journey between indoor and outdoor locations throughout the resort, completing missions in the lobby, pool area, safety deposit room, 19th floor, and more. Unlike a traditional escape room, instead of trying to break out of something, participants are working to unlock a mysterious secret within the resort.

Those who join the mission receive clues and challenges through a complimentary, interactive app, as they follow Escape lock icons placed throughout the property to keep them on track. The one-of-a-kind adventure also features augmented reality designed to blend in as part of resort operations and other guest experiences, as well as surprise and delight moments throughout the experience, including complimentary, themed food and beverage items like gelato and a non-alcoholic colada. In total, participants can complete up to five separate missions at any time throughout their stay, allowing them to be fully immersed in the world of espionage during their visit.

This innovative experience was originally launched as a limited-time event in 2021 and proved so successful the resort has now added it to its roster of ongoing offerings.

“Over the last year, we’ve received tremendous positive feedback on ‘Escape at Hilton Orlando’, with parents sharing the joy they’ve had working alongside their children as a team to solve quests throughout the property,” said Chris Mueller, general manager, Hilton Orlando. “Our guests have also said that the wonderful part about our Escape experience is that it provides another opportunity for families to enjoy that quality time on vacation, making a trip to Hilton Orlando unforgettable.”