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Expedia rolls out luggage tag campaign

Expedia rolls out luggage tag campaign

Expedia is launching a luggage tag campaign, which uses airport luggage tag IATA codes to create travel related messages.

Fans of the Facebook page can create their own code combinations, using over 9,500 available IATA codes.

Individual combinations and messages can be shared with friends, with stand-out creations having the chance to feature as part of the ongoing advertising campaign and win a holiday.

Each week, a submission chosen at random will win a £250 holiday voucher and at the end of the four week campaign the fan with the phrase most creative and relevant to travel will win a £2,000 Expedia holiday, and may see their combination turned into an above-the-live advertisement.

“With thousands of IATA codes to choose from, there are so many funny and travel-related combinations that can be made three letters at a time. At one point we had over 30 combinations mocked-up, but not all of them could make the cut,” said Rebecca McKee, Senior Marketing Manager,

The luggage tag creative, inspired by copywriter Jon Morgan and art director Mike Watson at Ogilvy & Mather,  offers strong opportunities for more responsive and tactical advertising.

Next month, 100 weather-enabled Digital 6 sheet posters will be introduced, showing luggage tag phrases based on the weather, e.g. GRY SKY for bad weather and ELO SUN in the rare occasion of the British summer turning up.

This activity will support the LAT-ERS and HOP-ORF tube gate takeovers that have taken place at 10 London stations including Waterloo, King’s Cross, London Bridge and Euston, along with strategic media buys in print and online media.