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Expedia Media Solutions launches new Bermuda Tourism video

Expedia Media Solutions launches new Bermuda Tourism video

Expedia group’s Media Solutions team has teamed up with Bermuda Tourism to highlight the destination in a new ‘choose your own travel adventure’ video campaign.

The video, created with filming and production agency Archer’s Mark and co-producers Big DB, was filmed using specially-designed wearable cameras to deliver a truly personal perspective.

The Bermuda Tourism interactive video kicked off mid-August and will run through the end of December.

The video aims to immerse travellers into this vast and beautiful island destination that is rich with culture and activities just waiting for exploration.

The video campaign is designed to increase tourism interest, specifically aiming to appeal to a younger demographic, while bringing to life the island’s hidden gems and beauty.


Video viewers can choose from three initial ways to enjoy Bermuda - Chill, Mix it Up and Thrill - and watch as their ideal day plays out before them.

The ads are filmed in first-person as if you are the one spelunking in an underwater cave to a spa oasis, cliff jumping in the clear blue waters or taking in the local culture and flavours of the nightlife.

Viewers can share the video with their friends, and download the itinerary with info on each location.

The campaign also features landing pages on Travelocity and Expedia in the US, as well as on Expedia in Canada and the UK.

This is just one way Expedia group is working to shine a spotlight on the destination of Bermuda.

See the videohere.