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Eva Air offers chance to buy part of a Boeing 747

Eva Air offers chance to buy part of a Boeing 747

Eva Air is offering travellers the chance to own part of a retired Boeing 747 aircraft.

The new airline tags are being produced by German company Aviationtag, using the outer skin of a Boeing 747-400 wide body airliner that was retired from the fleet in 2017.

Aviationtag specialises in recycling retired airplane parts into one-of-a-kind collectors’ items, with the Eva Air tags being one of the latest additions to the company’s line of aircraft memorabilia.

A licensing partnership was formed between the plane’s original owners and Aviationtag following a successful bid from the latter to acquire a part of the retired aircraft.

With its simple design, the collectible tag is a versatile item that can be used as a unique bag or luggage tag, or a key-chain.


Although Aviationtag made 15,000 aircraft skin tags from the aircraft part it acquired, only some 2,000 are available in Taiwan, attracting collectors, fans and aircraft aficionados alike to seize the opportunity to own a piece of the plane while stocks last.

Every tag comes with a serial number, and retains the original paintjob of the aircraft skin along with marks from wear and tear over years of active service, an Eva Air spokesperson said.

The craft, registered as B-16411, was in the fleet for 19 years before its retirement and subsequent dismantlement in June 2020 at the San Bernardino International Airport in California.

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