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European Trade Union Confederation seeks to disrupt aviation

European Trade Union Confederation seeks to disrupt aviation

The European Trade Union Confederation has announced it will seek a “day of action” tomorrow, with the potential to disrupt aviation across the continent.

The body said in a statement the aim of the day is to call upon leaders to demonstrate their determination to get to end deterioration of employment in Europe.

“Austerity is a total dead end, and must be abandoned,” read a statement from the group.

The day of action will take various forms: for example, there will be strikes in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy.

Aviation in these countries could be disrupted if air traffic controllers join the strike in sufficient numbers.

easyJet has already cancelled 26 flights, including services from Gatwick to Barcelona and Madrid, and re-scheduled ten others.

TAP Portugal has announced London-Lisbon flights will also be affected.

Demonstrations will be held in France and in some Eastern countries – including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.

Ryanair listed has said the Spanish government has “guaranteed” some flights will not be affected, but warned passengers to expect delays.

British Airways said passengers due to travel to or from Spain tomorrow can change to another date free of charge.

Approximately 40 trade union organisations from 23 countries will be involved in the European day of action and solidarity.

“By sowing austerity, we are reaping recession, rising poverty and social anxiety”, argues Bernadette Ségol, ETUC general secretary.