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European Parliament approves no-deal aviation arrangements

European Parliament approves no-deal aviation arrangements

The European parliament has voted in support of UK airlines still being able to operate routes to and from the UK to EU countries, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

They will also be able to make stops in EU countries and fly over EU airspace.

The EU’s arrangements around flights are subject to the UK reciprocating these arrangements.

Last week the UK government confirmed it would reciprocate the arrangements around flights.

The European Council is expected to approve the legislation shortly.


ABTA has said that, while having plans in place in preparation for a no-deal is essential, securing a deal is the preferred outcome.

Mark Tanzer, chief executive of ABTA, said: “Agreeing a deal between the UK and the EU should be the priority for politicians on both sides, however it is important that there are plans in place should a no-deal occur.

“This vote builds on the previous reassurances holidaymakers and business travellers have had from both the EU and UK government that, deal or no-deal, flights will continue, meaning people can book with confidence.”

He added: “Reaching a deal is very much the preferred outcome and we encourage politicians to explore all options to avoid a no-deal.

“If the UK and the EU agree a deal, there will then be a transition period which means everything will stay the same until the end of 2020.”

Brexit negotiations remain in a state of flux, with UK members of parliament yesterday voting in favour of requesting more time from the EU for negotiations.